Confettis & Glitter

The Sky is showering colorful glitter and creative shapes! Want to see snow even when it is summer time? Want the room to rain down skulls while your kids are having fun in their epic pirates battle? Or how about a table full of stars shining under the light of flickering birthday candles while everyone sings happy birthday? Or a happy newlyweds run down to their honeymoon car in a drizzle of love hearts and flowers? For all these occasions the humble Confettis will always work their wonders and stir up the atmosphere with magic! Welcome to our stock of Confettis, you will not just find the extra bit of decoration you need, but also the magical ingredient that will bring joyous memories to everyone at your party. As a general introduction, Confetti is a fancy name for the large sized glitters. They are available in packets containing countless pieces of paper or metallic shapes which you can either lay casually on your dinner table or on the floor or thrown at parades and celebrations, especially for weddings and at the end of a victory match of your favourate footy or NRL team. Our Confettis are made in a variety of colors, and are available in a whole range of imaginative shapes. Most table confettis are also shiny.


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