Streamers Crepes

Our Crepe paper streamers and stringed flowers are amongst our most popular party decorations due to the many applications of their material - Crepe Paper - one of the lightest paper product in the world. Purchase a roll of streamers and bend it to every corner of our party area, or use it as the finishing line of a race, or cut the band of paper down to pieces to create a color paper collage with the kids on a piece of cardboard. Our line of Crepe paper products will serve you well to create the perfect party decoration. With a bit of imagination, Crepe paper can be made into 3D paper sculptures! You can also dangle the Streams on walls, or on ceilings or even over a decorative tree or fixture or sculpture. Comes in a variety of colors and design. The Stringed Flowers are perfect for some Luau or Hawaiian Themed beach parties! Did you also know that soaked colored crepe paper is often used to dye Easter Eggs?


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